¡Desde San Francisco, con amor!

argentina_logo144x14411Para el próximo Congreso de Cabalá en Argentina, el grupo Bnei Baruj de San Francisco adaptó esta canción, cuya letra en inglés les presentamos.

No llores por mi Argentina

Don´t cry for me Argentina: Abrir/Descargar

Don’t cry for me Argentina

It may not sound easy

it may sound strange

but this is the way that we feel

we’re still wanting more than the corporeal world.

Come and see it. All will be changed

in the world you once knew.

All will be dressed in the light because

your friends are uniting with you.

We have to make it happen,

we have to change

we can’t live our lives at a crawl

with our faces down in the dust

so let’s chose freedom,

we ran around trying everything new

But nothing impressed us at all

And that’s why we’re gathered with you.

Uniting in Argentina

You’re brothers will never leave you

seeking the purpose of our existence

we’ll keep the promise

Let’s go the distance.

We looked for fortune

we looked for fame

we chased them again and again

the pleasures of this world were all we desired

They were illusions, not the solutions

they promised to be. The answer

was here all the time. So we’ve come from afar

just to see.

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