Abran espacio para todos

dr.laitmanQuestion: How to use our ego correctly, and how to cancel ourselves to reach the goal of the group?

Answer: Our ego is our faithful helper. If we listen correctly, if we understand how we should work with him, then we will thank the Creator who made us this way. Unfortunately, we do not work with him correctly.

How are the people who come to the group, whatever they are, and how long they stay with us, they may come today and leave tomorrow, this does not matter to us. We have to accept that each person (as long as it is not harmful) is like someone who was missing in all our Kli . It does not matter what «madness» comes to us. We must accept it as something desirable.

The group should open space for everyone, support everyone, but only if people do not begin to belittle him, if he does not start to be too patronizing or damage the studies, or to express disagreement with the main requirements for the group that are given to us in the writings of the great Kabbalists: Ramchal, Ari, Baal HaSulam and Rabash .

We must worry about friends, since each of them is a fragment of my soul. After all, all the groups of the world, all humanity, all the inanimate, vegetative and animate, are my soul. But, in the meantime, the only thing that I perceive is that part that the Creator gives me so that somehow I begin to build myself spiritually.
From the Summer International Camp in Bulgaria from 11/7/14, Lesson 2

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